Professional BD/DVD layout and design.

2D/3D DVD and BD disk. Mini BD disk creation.

For background, animated menus, buttons and effects.

Special subtitle characters, title menu. Multi language.

AC3 and DTS compatible audio.

Video: 2D or SBS-3D
Audio: AC3 5.1 - Dynamic Surround and/or AC3 2.0 - 3D Surround
Master file: DDP master

Video: 2D-AVC or 3D-MVC
Audio: AC3 5.1 - Harmonic Surround and/or DTS compatible 5.1
Master: ISAN BD encoding for BDCMF.

ISAN= International Standard Audiovisual Number.
For BD encoding You need to register and buy ISAN number. Without valid ISAN number the BD encryption is not possible.