(KDM) – Manual Generation

We operate a full 24 hours a day, seven days a week KDM management division. We service KDM generation and distribution. The KDM’s we generate under CineFutureKDM offer the highest level of security and encryption, both Interop and SMPTE and follow all industry standard compliances. We use manual, key manager created KDM for limited (secret) screening, press screening, special projector system thumbprint etc. Each KDM is unique and will allow ONLY the specific DCP to play on a specific theatre playback server for a specific period of time only. When the key has expired the DCP will not play in any location and is completely secure. The encryption level is equivalent to that used by any Bank.

Web Based KDM Generate

Web Based KDM Generate

Our clients access to there films in the databese and they can create KDM via WEB using desktop or mobile phone browser. CineFutureKDM utilises a bespoke key generation and delivery software system to generate and deliver hundreds of KDM’s direct to exhibitors within minutes. If the client exhibitor is change the server or open a new screen our clients can use the „Database Update Request” form. When we receive the request our key manager is check the request and if its ok the new movie or screen is appear in the list. The Web based KDM generator can create KDM for hungarian, czech, romanian and slovakian cinemas and with datebase update to any country any cinemas.


Our database system can store lots of screen information, and the Database team work closely with studios, distributors, manufacturers, digital cinema integrators and exhibitors to ensure we keep- up to date to creating working key. We directly access to the following manufacturer certificate database: Dolby, Doremi, Barco, Christie, Sony, Qube, Dcinex 

Content Delivery Management

- We give to our clients 24/7 support and we try to solve problem under few hours.
- Content management and tracking for physical delivery
- Special multiple file delivery with Secure  system.

Supplementary Package

Files that we are delivered separately and added to an existing presentation at the theater - such as a replacement reel, replacement audio track, or replacement subtitle tracks. We send these package ( Delivery) with KDM message.

Anti-Piracy Protection

Our CineFutureDCP creator system can hide identification information into the film picture and audio reels. With this technology you can send the signed copy to only one region or only one movie network. All copy working with same KDM (in one country or region). Now you can identify the source of the pirate copy.

DCP Repair

Are ideal for saving your harmed DCP. If You cannot copy the package or stop with HASH errors we can fix it.

DCP Copy/Clone

For large exhibition sometimes the physical delivery is the best. For this recommended to clone the master CRU DCP drive. Our system can clone 16 drives at same time.

DCP Analyzing

Deep inspection to solve any problem or check the created DCP.


- asset
- package list
- digital signatures
- composition play list
- supplementary package
- picture bandwidth
- Hash information
- encryption information
- framerate
- reel time or full time
- reel numbers
- audio channel number 
- audio channel loudness 
- all mxf Interop and/or SMPTE packaged file
- subtitles