Our Digital Cinema mastering department offers a 24-hour, seven day a week service allowing for the largest digital cinema mastering capacity.

Our mastering division is constantly evolving and developing with the new technology available. Whatever language, whatever destination, 2D or 3D, day-and-date global release or single exhibitor release, FDS-CineFuture has delivered and will deliver.

Feature mastering directly from any non Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) compliant source material (Apple ProRes, AVID, XDCAM-HD etc... ), with improved turn-around times and accurate colour match from source material.

Upon receipt of a finished film we have the ability to convert all acceptable data formats to Digital Cinema Distribution Master (DCDM) files and subsequent Digital Cinema Packages (DCP). All our work is Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) compliant and is maintained to the highest standards of interoperability under CineFuture brand.

We have 4 high speed FDS Technology developed mastering stations under the CineFuture brand - FDS continuously develops this technology -, our system is super fast (1 FDS masterstation is 5 times faster than any normal mastering station) and up to date, we believe there is no same service and speed operating anywhere in the world today. Ours is the best because we’ve integrated the FDS OFE (Optimized Frame Encoding) management system into our encoding process.

We offer:

• Trailer DCP Mastering
• Feature DCP Mastering (SMPTE / InterOP)
• Creation of  DCDM file elements from any picture or audio source.
• Multi File Conversion to DCI compliant XYZ Tiff Files for DCDM and DCP creation
• Accept Industrial Light and Magic OpenEXR file
• DCI resize 2K<>4K
• Audio loudness adjusting to specified LEQm or LUFS-EBU value
• Superfast 12 core based CineFuture masterstation under linux OS
• Image conversion platforms under linux OS with 8 core system and latest SLI linked CUDA GPU(s)
• Full Quality Control (QC) on every DCDM and DCP
• One controllable client and technical QC theatre room with Dolby server and NEC projector
• Editing and conform work for multiple delivery formats.
• Subtitling and subtitle conversion
• CinePackage secure file sending
• 3D Subtitling with CineFuture intelligence 3D subtitler.
• Geometry and colour space conversions for multiple delivery formats.
• Framerate conversion - picture and audio
• Size enhancement from SD>HD, HD>2K, 2K>4K etc...