Servicing all major and independent studios by creating encrypted/non encrypted, 2D-2K, 2D-4K, 3D-2K, 3D-4K (IMAX), HFR, material content, not only for America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa but also globally.

Hosting a wide array of equipment to support a multitude of outputs, has from 5.1 to 13.5.5 FDS calibrated monitoring, access to CineFuture or many other software and hardware solutions.

Now we offer the Dynamic CineFuture 3D Subtitling system to create brilliant 3D subtitle.
More info from 3D subtitle in this page: Versioning

All HD material are accurately transcoded to a suitable format for mastering to a Digital Cinema Package (DCP).

• Trailer DCP Versioning
• Feature DCP Versioning (SMPTE / InterOP)
• 3D Subtitling with CineFuture intelligence 3D subtitler.
• Special Versioning DCP send with CinePackage System

Operating one dedicated screening room with Dolby, Doremi and Kodak server with NEC projector with full 3D picture monitoring with 5.1 or multichannel FDS surround. Permanent access to theatres for review, provides the ability to handle high volumes of content.