From stereo or 5.1 source we can create professional 3D virtual surround sound. With this system the sound was not distortion, but you can hear the audio effect from sidewards and backwards too from your stereo speaker. The FDS surround 3D is compatible with any 5.1 and 7.1 receivers (in the speakers you can hear more effects) but the main point is the perfect 3D virtual surround sound in any hifi stereo, car audio, tv and radio reciever and earphones.


We can upxmix to DYNAMIC SURROUND sorrund your original good quality stereo or 5.1 sound . From the original source we can create a true dynamic 5.1 quality surround. More effect, more feeling. The FDS audio system was find between the left and right channel the noise, effects, speak etc and convert back into the 3D space. We can separate the final to Front LEFT, Front RIGHT, CENTER, LFE, Rear LEFT and Rear RIGHT channel.

What is the difference between the normal 5.1 and the HARMONIC SURROUND? And why recommended for movie films and/or DVD and Blu-ray? The FDS logic is sorting the original (5.1) source into 9.1 channel. Cleaning and adjusting the separated sound and after these effects the FDS logic is convert back into the 5.1 space the 9.1 channel. In the 5.1 output you can hear more realistic and harmonic surround sound for a better cinema feeling.

The FDS logic is to sort the original (5.1) source into 13.2 channel. Cleaning and adjusting the separated sound and after these effects the FDS logic is create a special virtual surrund inside the 5.1 space. This effect is very good because you get the sound and noise directly at your ears. The FDS logic converts back into the 5.1 space the 13.2 channel with the virtual surround effect. In the 5.1 output you can hear special HD surround sound for a BEST cinema feeling.

Our system is capable to create multi channel mixed output.
Stand alone the FDS movie processor can separate with the FDS logic processor the 5.1 source to multi channel surround from 9.1 to 13.5.10.
If on Your exhibitor theatre install the FDS Cinema Processor we can adjust the original audio source to the FDS Cinema Processor for much much better 3D audio feeling.