Feature film foreign versioning and subtitling, dubbing for theatrical distribution are key.

By dismantling the original version of a feature film into its raw graphical components, FDS-CineFuture are able to reconstruct bespoke language versions for respective territories, enhancing its international release potential.


Main and end titles, narrative inserts and all manner of visual graphics are diligently designed and recreated. We take great pride in producing foreign titles that are indistinguishable from the original version and allow feature films to be distributed throughout the world for international audiences without visual compromise. 2D, Stereoscopic, High Frame Rate and all other varieties of film and digital material for theatrical releases are seamlessly produced, right through to the deliveries for High Definition, the Web and mobile.


Prior to release, FDS-CineFuture also undertake trailer versioning, enabling global marketing opportunities for feature films in local languages whilst retaining the true visual intention.

Complimenting skills in poster design, advertisements for print, branding and CGI are all included.

Our subtitling system has been designed specifically for the theatrical distribution and television, VOD market.

CineFuture 3D subtitles system for Digital cinema. CineFuture intelligence 3D subtitler use the depth estimation for every subtitle part and calculate a average for subtitle Z position. This services is recommended for 3D subtitle because with this solution the subtitle is not mixed with the picture or not move back to behind of any object.

Our subtitling services department will take translated files (which can be supplied in virtually any format) and perform a full conform and Quality Control (QC) service, ensuring the final result on screen will be of the best quality available. These files can be exported for any theatrical format - 2D, 3D, HFR and we can convert the subtitle speed to the recommended framerate for any television station DVD or BluRay products.

Our dubbing and mixing facility is ready to dub and M&E creation and multi channel conversion. Our main theritory is the central european language (hungarian, slovakian, romanian, german, spain etc...) but for special request we can create any other language dubbing service. We use for dubbing a SONY system what is 3 times faster then industry standard ProTools. And of cource we can convert Your 5.1 source to any IMAX speaker system.