The CinePackage is a fast and secure file delivery system.

This is one of the best solution for high-speed file transfer over an existing WAN infrastructure.
The CinePackage client software is capable to send and receive file not just between server and client, You can send Your file(s) free in secure mode between client to client.

Why better this solution then other file sender?

Super secure, fast, hash check in every segment, brilliant and clear GUI, easy operational, continuous update, file sending without server (free mode), downloader ID, not use Java.

The Client program available for Windows 7-8-10, OSX 10.9-10.12 and Ubuntu16 operation system

actual version: 1.0.0 - English language
From 1.0.2 version multilanguage
Click to the icon to download your version.

Under development the mobile phone client. (iOS, Android)
The CinePackage Server is run only under LinuxOS. (This is a standalone server system)

Client to Client mode – FREE

Create Your Package and send from Your computer to Your Client.

Send file to Your Client(s) - Client to Server mode – NOT FREE

You need to register in the CinePackage server Your client who receive Your file(s). You can setup the download access in days and/or the download times, max download speed in Mbit/sec, login access to the package (no login, simple login, secure login), download access ( no login, simple login, secure login) and Schedule download access.

For global presentation for example a DCP relase (what ordered 100 or more distributor) use same files in the DCP package (like video files). The system can use the client splitted download. It means the CinePackage find the clients who download same files and share the download speed between the clients and server and use the negotiable download function. In the client side the download speed is not reduced.

Receive file(s) from Your client(s) - Client to Server mode – NOT FREE

You need to register in the CinePackage server Your client who send to You and/or to Your group the file(s), and the system send to Your client the login details for upload. You can setup the client access time (days, month, years), the bandwidth of client upload in Mbit/sec.
The server is receive the package and You get a e-mail massage.

If You want to use this services You can choose packages and contact our sales team for more info.

If You want to buy server for Your local office please ask our price from sales team.


Standalone linux server with CinePackage server software system with optional drive capacity from 1T to 10T or more for temporary file storage and licensable bandwidth and services.

If You want to know more information from this system or price please contact our sales team.