CinePost FX division is a new high speed, high quality Post Production facility in Europe.

The CinePost FX division is creating and collecting and finalizing Your product.

We separate the post-production two more division the motion capture called CineMotion and the animation creation called CineAnimation.

In this division:

- Insert the (CineAnimation) animation and any (CineMotion) motion into the captured film.
- Build, change, add and remove any object
- 3D object into the 2D feature
- Hundreds of pre-generated effect
- Camera solve and/or motion tracking
- Object tracking
- Special wire and object removal.
- Masking tool
- Open EXR output
- American style color grading
- Hollywood quality green screen chroma keyer

2D & 3D layer compositing services design visual effects shots in 2D and 3D, mixing together videos, images, text and high quality 4K or better materials 3D models, we put green screened actors into for example a airplane cockpit, and we put the video layer inside the 3D model. Professional hollywood quality green screen chroma keyer. The unique spill simulation feature replaces unwanted reflected light from green screen with realistic simulated light from new background. Super fast feature tracking makes it easy to attach effects and layers to moving objects in videos, while Academy Award-winning technology mocha is included for sophisticated planar tracking and camera solving for handheld and moving shots. Draw masks to isolate and manipulate specific areas of a layer and use mocha to automatically rotoscope movement. Multi light setting for 3D object and enviroments. Import animation from CineAnimation division with Alembic movements. 3D modell cast shadows, reflect other objects in the scene and have multiple material slot for adjust lighting properties and enviroment maps. Multiple light types: directional, spotlight, point, ambient. Includes multiple world class particle engines, one for form-based fractal shapes with audio-driven animation and the other for advanced physics simulation. Particles interact with gravity and turbulence forces, bounce off deflectors and have complex behavior based on events such as birth, death and collisions. For professional output we use the OpenEXR format what is a high dynamic-range (HDR) image file format developed by Industrial Light & Magic for use in computer imaging applications.

American cine style color grading and american LUT color usage.

  • 1 Original Frame
  • 2 Original Frameantenna
  • 3 Original Frameantennacolorlight
  • 4 Original Frameantennacolorlightcinestlye
  • 5 Original FrameantennacolorlightcinestlyeLUT

Full of color correction and styling tools. Enhance entire frame or specify custom areas, such as an actor's eyes or the sky in a wide landscape shot. Doesn't matter whether shooting on a DSLR or a RED Epic.

The restoration department at FDS-CineFuture combine cutting edge technologies and techniques offering the most powerful and flexible tools to repair and restore digitally scanned images, creating bespoke solutions to remove defects such as scratches, warping, dust, dirt, mould and frame damage.

We are even able to seamlessly replace missing frames without affecting or further damaging your source material.

We can turn black and white films to colour up to 4K resolution. We have two technologies. The first is a fast semi automatic key frame based technology. The output is good. But if you want best quality we use the slow frame by frame coloring.