Our converting technology is different than the others’ and that is why the final result is superior to anything we’ve seen so far because we can create 3D inside the 3D, it menas we can create 3D shape of any object inside the 3D space.

With our technology we can create TRUE stereoscopic 3D movie from 2D source. This is not a real-time plug-in what is creating a non true 3D under seconds. We are rendering the picture frame-by-frame with the FDS developed intelligent multi layer FDS-CineRenderFX render farm with motion smoother, ghost remover and gap controller. This system is very-very important because with this the fast movement is not discursive and we can controll more then 100 big or small moving object (in layers) in the 3D space.

Our system is very fast, a 90 minutes 2D movie film we can convert into 3D under 4-6 month in 2K resolution in high quality. For IMAX 3D-digital 4K resolution under 6-8 months.

Up until the FDS Technology conversion it has been impossible to produce 3D images without special motion capture cameras, but with our technology you cannot tell which one is the originally shooted with 3D camera and which one is the converted.

Via our unique technology objects and images can protrude from the screen (fire, broken glass, blow up, water, sand, any little object…etc…etc…) like full 3D movies. With our technology we can turn any B&W or color motion picture into full stereoscopic 3D up to 4K or better size, no matter when the picture was taken or what type of motion picture camera was used.